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Mindful Mushrooms
100% Organic Ingredients
100% Organic Ingredients
At Mindful Mushrooms, we believe in the importance of cultivating mushrooms organically, without any pesticides or chemicals. We believe that food is medicine, and that mushrooms are an essential remedy that can help fight various ailments and diseases, as well as support the overall wellness of the mind and body. Our products only utilize fruiting bodies, and never contain any fillers or grain. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most high quality products possible.
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Mindful Mushrooms is a small farm located in Portland, OR.  For over 5 years, we have been dedicated to growing high quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and have hand selected each ingredient based on sustainability and our ethical practice.  If you are local and are interested in our products, check out the farmers market page for our locations around town.  
We organically grow all of the mushrooms that are in our products. We are a certified naturally grown farm and never use pesticides or chemicals. Many companies source out mushrooms for their extracts, but we are with your mushrooms every step of the process and can answer any questions you have regarding our growing practices and ethics.
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Why we use 100% Fruiting Bodies
Fruiting bodies vs mycelium

Many companies on the market are selling products that contain just mycelium (the mushroom root system). In order to grow mycelium, you must use grain or starch as a medium. Once the mycelium is grown, it cannot be separated from the grain. Therefore, it gets dehydrated and powdered, and the final product is left with a majority of starch. This dilutes the product and decreases the amount of functional and medicinal compounds (like beta-glucans and polysaccharides). The mycelium and fruiting bodies of many mushrooms have been tested, and shows that fruiting bodies contain a higher percentage. Research also shows that there is actually benefit to both mycelium and fruiting bodies. However, because you cannot separate the mycelium from the starch, many products on the market contain high levels of starches.
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Fresh Mushrooms

Lion's Mane

Their shredded meat-like texture makes a great animal free protein substitute!


Versatile in how they can be prepared, they have a rich umami, buttery flavor, and may prevent certain types of cancers. 


Oyster mushrooms are more versatile in how they can be prepared; they have a meaty texture with mild nutty flavors so they soak up flavors easily.


Chestnuts have an earthy aroma with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. They have a pleasant crunch when cooked, similar to asparagus

Golden Oyster

Yellow oyster mushrooms have a fruity aroma reminiscent of an aged red wine and are velvety, crisp, and chewy. When cooked they develop a balanced, nutty flavor similar to cashews.

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Customer Reviews!
"High quality extracts! These are darker and more concentrated than others I've used in the past- will be purchasing again."
"I ordered the lions mane and the mushroom blend tinctures and they arrived quickly and carefully packaged. The customer service was incredible and after a month of using the tinctures daily, I can tell they are a superior product. I love being able to support a local, Oregon farm as well. Highly recommend!"
"I love mindful mushrooms!  the mushrooms are always so fresh and beautiful and the people are fantastic. I literally won't buy mushrooms from anyone else anymore. Highly, HIGHLY recommend."
"I've caught Mindful Mushrooms at a few markets now and have loved their "variety box" every time. The staff is really helpful in explaining what each type of mushroom is and how to prepare them. At least, I think so, because they turn out great when I follow their instructions!"
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