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Gourmet & Medicinal mushrooms


 About us

        Mindful Mushrooms is a mushroom farm located in Portland, OR dedicated to cultivating gourmet and medicinal mushrooms without the use of fungicides, pesticides, or chemicals. The mushrooms are grown using untreated, recycled wood shavings from trees in the PNW.  Whether you're a chef/restaurant interested in working with our mushrooms or someone who needs a mushroom fix, we've got you covered!   We offer wholesale for restaurants and you can catch us at a few farmer's markets around town. 

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"Brilliant mushrooms! Plus they are knowledgeable, wonderful people. Highly recommended."

Jackie, Oregon City

Medicinal Mushrooms

 Mushroom Powder

For maximum benefit & potency, our products only contain the mushroom fruiting bodies.  Never myceliated grain, starch, or any fillers.

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Mushroom tinctures

Dual extracted using alcohol extraction and hot water decoction for maximum benefits.

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