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Meet the Founder

Mindful Mushrooms founder, owner Riley Sevigny

Founder & cultivator, Riley Sevigny, believes that food is medicine, and that mushrooms are an essential remedy due to their healing properties that can fight various ailments and diseases, as well as support the overall wellness of the mind and body.

His passion for natural healing was further ignited after receiving his Bachelors of Science in Nutrition from Florida State University, after which he was accepted into an herbalist apprenticeship program in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Riley Sevigny Mindful Mushrooms Honey Beekeeping

     With all the knowledge gained through his education, he began working for the Whole Body department at whole foods. It was here where his introduction to the healing benefits of fungi began; he was one of two employees selected to see various mycologists speak which opened his mind even more. Upon moving to Portland, he immersed himself in foraging and identification! Through extensive research, and a passion for the fascinating world of mushrooms, he began experimenting with his own cultivation process in 2014.

       This experimentation resulted in a thriving business going on 5 years in the making. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge with the community and created this business to do so. Mindful Mushrooms has grown to support a sustainable bee colony which will eventually be used for crafting medicinally infused honey. In order to support the bees' wellness, we use a double deep hive so as not to interfere with their personal honey reserve as well as wait an entire year to extract honey to ensure that they have more than enough for their colony.

     We have also begun cultivating our own spawn as a way of promoting sustainability, and self-sufficiency, in our operation. We have an upgraded autoclave sterilizer to support our increase in production, which also reduces the potential for contamination which is common when buying spawn from other companies. Our spawn is made with 100% organic rye berries. 


     In addition to making our own spawn, Riley has been cultivating Cordyceps mushrooms. This has been a year of trials and errors due to their particular growing needs. In nature, Cordyceps use insects as their host for furthering their growth, many of them animating their bodies as a way to transport spores up trees. Trying to create a controlled environment to support their growth has been challenging but well worth the experience. These powerful mushrooms mark an epoch in the growth of Mindful Mushrooms.

Mindful Mushrooms owner playing with dogs

Mindful Mushrooms has come a long way, from a dream that began with Rileys introduction to professional mycologists in the field through Whole Foods to now operating a flourishing business that supports his local farmers market communities and people around the world who order our medicinal products. We believe in the healing powers of fungi, from psychedelic integrative therapy to spicing up your soups with shiitakes. However the community finds healing, we are here to support them on that journey. 

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