About the Cultivator

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         Riley believes that mushrooms are vital in life's sustainability and have properties that can fight various ailments and diseases.  He believes that incorporating a diversity of mushrooms in your diet may lead to longevity and enhance your quality of life.  Riley grew up in Melbourne, FL.  He attended Florida State University, where he received his Bachelors of Science in Nutrition.  It was during this time that Riley came to the realization that food is truly medicine.  Post college, he drove cross country to Salt Lake City, UT for an herbalist apprenticeship program and began to step away from western medicine.  He then traveled to California and while working for the Whole Body Department at Whole Foods, was selected to be one of two employees sent to see Paul Stamets speak.   This sparked his fascinating journey into the world of mycology.  Riley moved to Portland and learned more about foraging and the identification of mushrooms.  He did extensive research on mushroom cultivation along with their benefits, and started experimenting with the cultivation process.  He wanted to share this knowledge with the community and started a gourmet and medicinal mushroom business.